Plan. Organise. Track.

All in one platform.

No more complicated and messy paperwork. The Pocket Dog Trainer lets you manage everything in one place. From client communications and assigning homework. To client accountability and support. Connect at any time and keep your clients on track.

Upload. Share. Provide feedback.
All in the Same place.

The Pocket Dog Trainer allows you and your team to upload and share training plans, videos and custom content with each other and with your clients, all in one place. With the ability to upload, store and share your own content integrated into one web app, staying organised, tracking progress and connecting with your clients, is no longer a mess of switching between platforms or tools.

Empower your clients to achieve their full potential

The first industry specific web app, which makes client management intuitive and seamless, transforming the way you support your clients on their journey to success.

Simplified Client Management

Your team and clients will enjoy access to everything from homework calendars, direct messaging, training feedback, video sharing and lesson plans, in one centralised platform right at their fingertips.

Mobile Access Everywhere

Our web app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile, as well as tablet and desktop use, making communication with your clients and staff quick and easy. Wherever you are. Whatever device you use.

Intuitive User Experience

The Pocket Dog Trainer requires no complicated set up or training. This web app delivers easy-to-use client management, accountability and communication, all in one easy to use interface.

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