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Our Story

We’ve designed an easy to use and cost effective web app, which helps to streamline your clients homework, feedback and accountability processes. Making reinforcing your clients hard-work and efforts, as simple as “Yes”, and staying on track, sharper than a beagle on the hunt for snacks.

The primary goal of The Pocket Dog Trainer is to make your job of assigning homework, supporting clients in achieving their goals and improving client accountability, way bloody easier. So we did it.

The Pocket Dog Trainer enables Australia's best dog trainers to closely monitor and record the progress of their clients, while also having access to features which make communicating with clients and staff members easier and more efficient.

Our app allows dog owners to demonstrate their knowledge and dedication to achieving their goals via the shared calendar and video sharing functions. While you can assess their performance and development to provide feedback and assistance between lessons.

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Easily Assign Homework

No more lengthy emails or Facebook posts. Assign the training exercises your client needs to practice with their dog, between lessons, in their shared calendar.

Increased Accountability

Assess your clients progress and development via their shared training exercise calendar and video sharing functions. Monitor and provide feedback on exercises completed by your clients. Quickly and easily.

Completely Mobile

Since The Pocket Dog Trainer is compatible with all mobile devices, you, your staff and your clients can access the app to upload homework, check off exercises completed and even send videos on the go.

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14-Day Free Trail

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Your own video library

Upload. Store. Share.

No more waiting for videos to upload to Youtube or Facebook. Use The Pocket Dog Trainers video library function to manage and share your training tutorial videos. Once you’ve selected and shared videos with your clients, they can then refer back to the tutorial video throughout their program, making it easier to stay on track.

Direct message clients & staff

The Pocket Dog Trainer is a web app, which makes sending and receiving session and homework videos, as well as communicating with your clients and staff, quick and hassle free. Our direct messaging system is fully integrated into our app. All you need is access to the internet to be able to provide feedback, follow up with staff, or check in with your clients on the go.

Take your business to the next level

Give your business’ profile a professional finish and keep your branding consistent by customising your dashboard with your business colours and logo. Ensuring a cohesive brand identity across all of your channels for client interaction.